Chris Arya

ALMOST COMPLETE After finishing all the animations, renderings and compositing; I am awaiting from my sound designer to finish up the last bit of touches with sound to fully be done with this project.



All the shots have been fully cleaned up. The process over the week is to render out my shots and discuss with my sound designer. (Shot is not final, plan to discuss in class)


Sound Update

After meeting with my sound designer, he had produced a rough sound pass. Although it is an old cut, I plan on giving him an updated version of it ASAP. I have given feedback regarding to the sounds already.


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Final Render Shots Updates

I have been pushing for final renders on multiple shots and this is all the current final shots I have done. TO DO LIST


Shot 08

Shot 09

Shot 11

Shot 12

Shot 13

Shot 18

Shot 19

Shot 20

Clean up:

Shot 10

Shot 14

Shot 16

Shot 17


Final Shots

After completing animation on these shots, I had fixed issues with them regarding rendering.

Furthermore, I had done a bit of color correcting to help enhance the mood while also adding a vignette.

I would like to thank my classmate, Emma, for helping me out and giving me suggestions.


Test of Full Render

For midterms, I tested rendering out the entire sequence, regardless of whether the animation was completed or not.

This highlighted how it can be accomplished but also showed me issues that need to be addressed. Such as rendering issues, which are slowly being figured out. Regarding the idea of homeless people coming out of trash bags, the idea still stands if time allows with alembic exports from Houdini, however, professor had suggested using cardboard boxes, which will allow time to be saved.


Getting simulation to work

Following a tutorial, I managed to get the physics to work within Unreal, where the garbage bag acts as ragdoll.

However, the soft body plugin breaks using Unreal. I consulted my friend who is knowledgeable about Unreal Engine, talking me through the solutions. Checklist to fix for the simulation: Re-rigging trash bag, Re-doing blueprint for new trash bag, testing to see if collision issue is caused by Unreal Engine slowly loading level or needing to create geometry for ground plane.


Testing soft body physics

As some mocap shots are coming to a close, I need to work on simulation for the garbage bags. I found out about Chaos Flesh, a real time soft-body simulation in Unreal. I plan on going to try and get this to work before the animation is complete in order to have a smooth pipeline when rendering comes into play.


Cleaning up more mocap

My team and I have been working on cleaning up more mocap.

04/11/2024 – 04/14/2024

Cleaning up mocap

Slowly cleaning up different scenes of motion capture.


3D Previs

After blocking, the animatic can be updated to a 3D previs showcasing everything as an animation.



There are specific scenes in the short which require hand-key animation. I have started blocking that out to begin the animation, which I will slowly work on over the course for the final.

4/01/2024 – 4/07/2024

CBB Render

Testing a render, I would like the rain to interact with the bags, as they do in the viewport however, not in the rendering sequence. I will figure this out in order to be able to render out other shots properly.



In order to be organized for this project, a Gantt chart is created to keep track of the status of each shot and see the overall status of the project. A link is attached to the image to check the progress of each shot.